• Finding the FIT-321-GO Way

    FIT-321-GO Mission

     The mission of FIT-321-GO Is to provide members with individualized and group training programs tailored to enhance each member’s lifestyle as well as their ability to better enjoy the sport or activity of their choice. FIT-321-GO Is not just another to workout program. It is a gateway for working out with a purpose. From the beginning of the client program FIT-321-GO Certified Trainers seek to educate the member in a way that supports them learning how to eventually stay in shape on their own. The trainers produce broad and specific programs and routines through the use of functional training equipment and versatile training programs leading to the results the clients are searching for. FIT-321-GO Is not just a training sales system it is much more. It supports all types and aspects of fitness training scenarios from large and small facilities to one-on one or group training settings. It thrives best in a positive environment provided by on-board management that provides optimal equipment, training, education, and networking for the busy person looking to complement their Pacific Northwest lifestyle. 

    FIT-321-GO Training

    FIT-321-GO is also designed to help any trainer take their knowledge and the interest of the member and translate it into a sort of answers road map which is then used to help them to achieve their fitness goals, not just sell PT. The focus of FIT-321-GO Rises above and beyond providing access to the basic workout. It integrates one-on-one, group, boot camp, nutrition, and fitness challenge training into the membership experience. Furthermore other programs will include ongoing educational options and a variety of activities, awareness, and resources to the members. The products and services will support the promotion of healthy lifestyles as well.  FIT-321-GO Can also create and provide a forum of off-site fitness options such as boot camps, private residences, condominiums, apartments, corporate-wellness, small fitness centers, and hotel fitness centers. Corporate and Business Wellness Programs Expectations are on the rise as the nation fights for ways to offset the rising costs of healthcare, we plan to do our part and FIT-321-GO is willing and able to service an entire community.   

    FIT-321-GO Philosphy

    The Philosophy of FIT-321-GO Is “Education + Dedication = Results!”  Here at FIT-321-GO we create learning environments for members backing up this philosophy. What also supports this philosophy is combining educational-based healthy lifestyle changes with both traditional and cutting edge methods of achieving fitness results. We believe there is always room for improvement no matter what your fitness background or status is. In all things in life, education on how to get you from point A, to point Z is the key to success. Fitness facilities have traditionally provided the same equipment, products, and service options to serve member needs. By incorporating the education-first training concept of FIT-321-GO Increases in member results are found through higher levels of commitment. By offering a refreshingly new educational approach FIT-321-GO, is a dedicated system set on starting members out on the right track in the beginning phases of their fitness quest. We truly believe this can lead to the enjoyment of lifelong success long after their training experience. We call that life after FIT-321-GO!


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