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Do you hate the gym? Do you need help? Then you need a personal trainer!

Maybe you just need a little personal trainer push...

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Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of FIT-321-GO Is “Education + Dedication = RESULTS!”

What supports this philosophy is the semi-private learning environment at our Capitol Hill-Seattle location built for progressing clients who are new to having a personal trainer, putting fitness first, or just aren't into working out at traditional gym settings. Our unique  combination of the educational based  FIT-321-GO fitness training & nutrition schedule, along with personally customized cutting edge training lessons designed to progress you to the point of independence, has proven to get results.  

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The FIT-321-GO Training Concept is designed to improve anyone!

Of course here at our Capitol Hill-Seattle based location we don't just cater our fitness training to  beginners, but are equipped to train everyone from athletes to post-injury rehab patients released by their care providers to progress into personal trainer programs. We believe there is always room for improvement within training lessons so no matter what your fitness status or background is.. as is with all things in life.. as your body changes with age continuing education on how to get you from point A on the never-ending quest to reach point Z, is the key to a successful healthy life.

The FIT-321-GO Training Mission is backed by a motivational approach!

"It is not enough for us to just to work you out. Located in Capitol Hill - Seattle our private personal trainer studio priority is to teach everyone of our clients how to workout correctly! Together our continuous goal is to graduate your fitness training from one level to the next! During your training lessons we will be working together towards placing your independent  fitness destiny in your own hand!"

Our Training Services

our Primary goal is to lead you down a path towards a healthy lifestyle .. full of many alternative fitness activities!

The most affordable personal training rates in town!

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To find the best training lessons rate & plan possible your personal trainer will first diagnosis your fitness condition.  Then we discuss your fitness training availability, & training location to put together the right solution whether that be at our Capitol Hill- Seattle location or a mobile to your option!

We offer the most flexible scheduling possible!

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Not quite 24/7 at our Capitol Hill - Seattle Locations

But almost! Our personal trainers are available by appointment only! Our regular fitness training hours are stated below. But.. for those 2nd & 3rd shift doctors, nurses, and anyone else with a wonky work schedule we will make time for you! Set up an ongoing schedule, or call us on the fly for training lessons !

Learn everything we know in a private setting!

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Our personal trainer are here for you!

We take your growing knowledge of your training lessons & translate it into a direct road map to help you achieve your fitness training goals. Here at FIT-321-GO Capitol Hill-Seattle we are not here to just sell you PT. We are here to help sort through and apply the information to  build you a fitter foundation for your future!

Welcome to MYZONE

Measuring activity output at its finest  we can't do without it!

1. Just when you think you have nothing left to give your personal trainer this tool says otherwise!

2. Can be used both inside and outside of our Capitol Hill-Seattle studio during fitness training lessons, and anywhere there is a MYZONE hosted facility 4,000+.

3. GO check out the video, get pumped, come back, and ask us how to get your client discounted belt!

Coming Back To Us Soon!

We miss the InBody570 so bad we have to bring it back!

1. Nothing else has compared to aiding your personal trainer in covering your body composition changes.

2. It was the best fitness training tool we had for keeping our clients coming back for better results!

3. It covers far too much to explain here so go check out the video and get acquainted and ask about it during your training lessons at our Seattle - Capitol Hill location.

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Better yet, come see us in person!

Our personal trainers love to hear from our clients, so feel free to contact us to schedule a fitness training consultation or set up training lessons at our Capitol Hill-Seattle .

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